A solidarity fund of the Senegalese Diaspora in Germany

Who we are

FONSA was born out of a heartfelt cry, a rallying cry, a solidarity acting and a bet on the future. FONSA is the heartfelt cry of those who no longer wanted to have dead people anonymous, unburied bodies, families left behind in Senegal or in Gambia without being able to mourn their missing parents in Germany. This rallying cry echoed in every corner of Germany and dragged in September 2019 all those who, united as one, longed for say: Never again! Thus was born FONSA, a framework of solidarity, which imposes itself through foresight in his approach, a promptness in his action and an openness in his relationships.

FONSA a bet on the future!

Without reluctance, without bluster and without crippling bureaucracy, without belonging or coloration of any kind FONSA intends to rely on a role federation and an open mind.

However, the association could not bring itself to count its repatriated dead. FONSA is more than that. It is a nonprofit association that is invested in intercultural dialogue and relies on its members to create a chain of solidarity by initiating not only socio-cultural activities in all areas of life in Germany but also development projects in our home countries.

To carry out its projects, FONSA relies as well on its members who have proven expertise in several fields as well as on its friends or partners German. This is certainly a large undertaking, but FONSA is ready for the challenge.

FONSA ca kanam!